Fields of application

Get connected, innovate your business and build an efficient solution

An Advanced Computerised System
for industrial and agricultural applications
that helps you to maximise your potential.

Collect data from every single instrument and get the latest data on the spot to transform your business

Through state-of-the-art technology, we provide safe connectivity solutions for all the levels within a company. You will be saving both time and money as you keep running your business. In fact, through COBO INTOUCH, you are connected to your machinery remotely, thus, getting precious data that help you make the right choices.

Agricultural application

Technology aimed at
Smart Factory



Thanks to our systems, you can track each piece of equipment- for instance, a plough or a sowing machine-, digitalise them, and retrieve data that are immediately sent to the cloud.

Through COBO INTOUCH you can:

Industrial application

A new approach to business:
from selling a product
to providing a service


Through a portal featuring a user-friendly interface, you get 24/24 access to extrapolated data from any mobile device, and can understand which processes need to be more efficient and how to do so.

COBO INTOUCH is not just a tool to be applied to your fleet of machinery. It is a service that brings together multiple data and offers a comprehensive view of the company’s productivity.

In particular:

How it works

An advanced system that helps you to increase productivity

COBO INTOUCH for Smart Factory

We control to get information that makes the difference.

Tracking and monitoring the fleet of machinery is a simple task that can be done at any time. In fact, COBO INTOUCH helps monitor a company’s logistics and equipment through an advanced computerised system. In this way, traditional management gets digitalised and the company is ready for Industry 4.0.


It aims at maximising all the potentials of the agricultural sector.

Thanks to COBO INTOUCH, the productivity of each individual equipment, such as fuel consumption, dispensing of tanks, control of vehicles and operators, processing costs, and so much more can be checked at the end of a working day.